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Liv is a Quebec (Canadian) brand

Committed to offering you products of exceptional quality, specially designed to meet your needs. Our brand stands for quality, modernity, durability, customer proximity and satisfaction. We’re constantly pushing back the boundaries of our quality standards to ensure that each and every product is a unique and incomparable experience.

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Why choose us

Undisputed master of expertise.

Designed to promote a comfortable, healthy lifestyle, creating a culture of well-being


We offer products that combine reliability, durability and outstanding performance. Every element reflects our obsession with excellence, guaranteeing an uncompromising experience for our customers.

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to exceed your expectations with attentive, personalized service, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.


Our products embody modernity at its best. Every innovation is carefully integrated to deliver a contemporary, cutting-edge experience. We push back the boundaries to bring you resolutely modern products.


Our products

Contemporary design blends harmoniously with impeccable quality.

Kitchen sinks

Reinvent your kitchen with our exceptional sinks, combining functionality and elegance for an unrivalled culinary experience.

undermount sink

Discover the practical elegance of Liv washbasins, combining refined contemporary design with quality materials. With a variety of models, Liv transforms your bathroom into a luxurious and functional space. Opt for excellence with Liv washbasins.


Liv Toilets offers unwavering reliability over the years and attractive aesthetics, all at a surprisingly affordable price.